Test Idol Token

You can test the Idol Token from here.
Initially, three address are preloaded.
hx829238bc4d7100ca918b2c9c3768edc97de1d375 hxaad0d6e403a9f62bcdbe4479a241786c1c346d3c hx345bebadc9537481e445a721f5618acf0b4a3b2d

Create Idol Token

The address hxaad0d6e403a9f62bcdbe4479a241786c1c346d3c owns the contract, and so only that account can create new token. To create a token, select that address. Then, open the wallet of that address by clicking the picture. It shows you the basic information about the account, and the tokens owned by that account.
Now, click the Create Token[IDOL] button to create a new token. Enter the name, age, gender and load the image. Then, upload the image. The image will be stored in IPFS and it will return a hash. Then, create the token.
Now, go to the homepage. The new token is created and is owned by hxaad0d6e403a9f62bcdbe4479a241786c1c346d3c.

Transfer Idol Token

To transfer a token to another address, select a token. In this case, we select the token we just created, i.e. the Selena Gomez token.
Click on Transfer button and select the address to which the token is to be transferred and confirm the transfer.
To check if the transfer was successful, select the corresponding address and see the tokens owned by that address. You can see that the token was successfully transferred to new address.