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About OpenDevICON

OpenDevICON is an initiative to support ICON developers by reducing friction and wasted time in development of ICON SCOREs, dApps and DAOs. The vision for this project is to build a resource and reference hub with tools, tutorials, articles on best practices, and reusable code. As a developer hub, it will provide secure, audited, and reusable open source SCORE code along with tools to help the deployment and management of ICON smart contracts.

Current Status

OpenDevICON is currently at the starting phase and we believe it to make a good impact as we move forward. While we plan to continue this for long term growth of ICON, we are very pleased to have support from the foundation and ICON community. With OpenDevICON we hope to continue bringing more people and ideas to this platform. While it is certainly going to take some time, our project will help us reach our goal to the earliest possible.
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If you are visiting this page on Github, you can visit our page here for better experience. OpenDevICON program is very responsive to the users and developers making the most out of this platform. If you have any suggestions regarding our documentation feel free to email us at [email protected].